Best NYC Brunch Spots ☕️

A New Yorker’s guide to the best brunch spots in New York City! I’ve been doing this important research for years 😂🙌🏼

1. Buvette

French cafe Buvette is quaint and charming. My go‑to is the waffle sandwich with eggs and bacon. The restaurant fills up quickly, so opt for a weekday if you can to avoid long lines.

2. Clinton Street Baking Company

If you’re a pancake lover, Clinton Street Baking Company is THE place to go. This cash‑only spot is NYC’s go to for pancakes, which are served all day. Breakfast all day is my kind of place!

I recommend taking a trip in February, during which the restaurant features different specialty pancakes unavailable the rest of the year for what’s known as “Pancake Month.”

Going on a regular day? Order the chocolate pancakes and ask for raspberry jam and thank me later. 😉 The blueberry pancakes are amazing too!

3. Root & Bone

Fried chicken and waffles are delicious, and Root & Bone serves them up in a chic, rustic interior. I love their biscuits, buttermilk pancakes, mac and cheese, and the fried chicken, of course!

4. Dudley’s

Dudley’s is a top fave of mine; everything is good. If I’m feeling boring, I’ll do a simple avocado toast topped with fried egg, with a side of their chia muesli. Truffle fries are a MUST. The lattes and drinks are great, too!

5. Two Hands

A great healthy spot for Australian‑style brunch fare, Two Hands is fabulous for a classic avocado toast or açaí bowl. And people watching. Plenty of celebs and models frequent this spot. Like me, of course. (Jk 😂👏🏼)

6. Jack’s Wife Freda

Pro tip: order the fries and green hot sauce. It will change your life.

Jack’s Wife Freda has always been a go‑to spot and is popular on Instagram, too. They have a delicious green shakshuka (get it with feta on top!) and lots of other healthy but satisfying options. Their rose water waffle is unique and yummy, too!

7. 12 Chairs Cafe

One of my favorite spots! This Israeli‑style cafe boasts a plethora of delicious brunch options. Pictured here are some of my go‑to orders: the lamb kebabs, shakshuka, and the Israeli breakfast, which consists of eggs, salad, and a bunch of yummy dips.

8. Reunion

Based in Brooklyn, Reunion is another great Israeli‑style cafe, where you’ll get a delicious challah with your shakshuka. The potato pancakes are truly delicious, too, even if they’re not the most photogenic (peep them on the bottom right).

9. Five Leaves

Based in Brooklyn, Five Leaves is a popular spot that fills up quickly on weekends. I enjoy their mussels and other seafood dishes, their simple breakfasts, but to be honest, the BEST thing to get here is the burger. With truffle fries. Trust me; order the burger and thank me later. Breakfast time visits to Williamsburg? Find me eating burgers at Five Leaves.

10. Ladurée

Though none of the things pictured here are ~*technically*~ brunch fare, Ladurée has some delicious breakfast options. My favorites are the eggs Benedict and the raspberry French toast. Plus, you can order a bunch of fancy pastries and you get to feel like Blair Waldorf for a hot second. Bougie and beautiful, that’s the brunch of dreams 😂👏🏼

11. Doughnut Plant

Sometimes, all you need for breakfast is a donut. Or fourteen. Either way, Doughnut Plant’s got you covered. I am not personally a tremendous fan of donuts and even MY mouth salivates thinking about some of their offerings.

Try the Tres Leches, or some of their delicious filled donuts; I also adore the Carrot Cake and Oatmeal donuts. They’ve got something for everyone. Just be careful, because it’s easy to get carried away, and then you’re sitting at home with your box of thirty donuts questioning your life choices.

12. Good Thanks

A very pretty and Instagrammable Australian‑style brunch spot with beautifully crafted eggs and a very lovely blue smoothie bowl.

13. Cafe Clover

This healthy spot makes me feel like I’m Gwyneth Paltrow, give or take a hundred pounds. Cafe Clover has a menu filled with greens, which is great if you’re looking for something a bit healthier, and I’ve spotted some celebs while dining here, too. It’s a favorite of fashion designers, Vogue editors, supermodels, and actors.

14. Supermoon Bakehouse

Walk in and you’ll instantly smell the distinct, delicious aroma of freshly baked croissants. This spot is one of the most creative bakeries in NYC, and the pastries are stunning and truly yummy.

15. Citizens of Chelsea

Citizens of has several locations, including another in Gramercy, aptly named — you guessed it — Citizens of Gramercy. Their pink Barbie smoothie bowl is very good, as is their avocado toast, though they offer more creative breakfast options, too.

16. Felice

Perhaps better known for its delicious Italian dinner options, Felice has some delicious breakfast options, too!

17. Lroom Cafe

This spot is more Insta‑friendly than it is remarkably delicious, but the AESTHETICS are on point. Glitter lattes and beautiful desserts make for a satisfying breakfast for me AND my camera.

18. Hole in the Wall

This Australian‑style spot has a small location around Wall Street and serves up colorful beet lattes along with typical brunch fare. Not worth necessarily going out of your way for, but a good spot if you find yourself in the Financial District, where brunch options are typically limited.

19. Juliette Restaurant

This Williamsburg spot has a lovely area in the center with a sunroof, surrounded by plants. It’s not a TOP fave of mine insofar that I would go out of my way to visit, but it’s a good spot nonetheless for dependably yummy food within a chic interior if you happen to be in the area.

20. Murray’s Bagels

You can’t really go wrong with a New York bagel. Grab yours with a bacon, egg, and cheese for the ultimate hangover cure. Here, I got bacon AND ham. Livin’ large.

21. Cafe Luluc

Known for their huge pancakes, this spot is another Brooklyn go‑to. It’s a classic French bistro with a cute backyard area for dining outdoors.

22. Chalait

One of the best matcha lattes in the city, with a great offering of sandwiches and different styles of avocado toast.

23. Cheryl’s Global Soul

This Brooklyn spot is right next to the Brooklyn museum, making it one of my preferred go‑tos on museum dates. They have many good options, but the buttermilk pancakes are my favorite. I always get a side of Nutella and it makes for a very satisfying breakfast!

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