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Through the past year, I’ve grown more and more passionate about perfecting my interior space, especially considering all the additional time we have all been spending at home.  Below, you’ll find some of my favorite home decor pieces linked, from baroque-style gold mirrored trays to my must-have teacups and saucers.

H&M Circle Vases, Gold Skull, Nest Candles, H&M Face Vase with flowers, Prada Marfa sign, gray couch, marble table

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Gold shelf, H&M Venus Vase, Chanel coffee table books, diptyque candles, Versailles candle holder gold, Anthropologie Bonjour Tray, Louis Vuitton Coffee Table Book

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Marble table, gold baroque vintage antique tray, Anthropologie Bistro Collection Bonjour Plate, Dior Coffee, Gucci Coffee

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