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My name is Yana and I am a fashion, food, and lifestyle blogger based in New York City. I write about fashion, beauty, food, travel, interior decor, and shopping. My hobbies include never tiring of breakfast food, reading books on the subway, squealing with delight at animals, visiting historic homes and museums, and shopping way, way too much.



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I began blogging in 2009 as a high school student, maintaining a presence on Tumblr and Blogspot. Eventually, I became active on Instagram as @MissYanaCherie, where I currently share bits and pieces of my everyday life in New York City, the flavorful cuisines of this eclectic city, flatlays featuring my favorite fashions, and my latest shopping acquisitions. I wanted to begin anew with a clean new site and be able to keep my old blog as a nostalgic archive, so voila! Here we are. I hope you enjoy!


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Yana is a New York-based self-proclaimed sybarite and gourmand with a passion for fashion, museums, and travel.


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